Life Through Torment

by I AM

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Lost in my eyes, you became so bright. Please Shed some light, im hitting my breaking point. Let me see the beauty. How can one? Life is lost in misery. What is my purpose? Why was I put here. I need to know. I need to know. This land is sacred. I've taken for granted, far too many times. I embrace you. I am one with you. FEAR OF LIFE No longer will I be afraid. Acceptance is fear Live it, breath it, take it in. This is it. My last fucking chance. Acceptance is fear. My last stand. Right or wrong. This is it. My last chance. Fear of life. Acceptance is fear, now I know. Suffer no more. No more will I fear this life. It's my time to take a stand. Life through torment
I used to fear what I did not know. Seconds to none. The end is near. Face of death We've lost our way, Sadistic and bleak. Silent screams, no one can hear me. Twist my mental, crawl into my temple. I've seen death. Gracious and gentle. spit me out I'm just out of reach, no one can save me. I've looked at the eyes of my past. No one can save me Face of death send me your way The last kiss, I've sealed fate I embrace life, I embrace death.
Sacred Cries 03:26
Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. You don't own shit motherfucker. I hear the cries, I see the lies You greedy fucks, you're out of touch. With the soul you've lost way back We own this, we own that. Disaster strikes. We take it as an act of God. You fail to see. We dont belong to a God. Well guess what motherfuckers, Mother Natures coming back The sacred lines of the earth dwell deep beneath our feet. Sacred. I hear the cries. You need to see. We need to be set free. No heaven, no hell. Time destroys the speculation men, but confirms the judgment of nature
C.O.S.L. 02:49
I'm so tired of existing, I need to live. We were meant to do more. Live Free. Live free. Black and blue, tattered and torn. I don't want to live this way Black and blue, tattered and torn. I don't want to live this way Take this blessing, run with it. Live in it. Life can wraps it's hands around your throat. Choke you till the eyes bleed. Suffocation. Entomb me. Look at the way we live. Day by day. check to check. Why does this mean so much. We're stuck in a hole, and were never crawling out. With such simplicity I find it difficult to portray my happiness. The sun dies quicker each day Entomb me, consume me. I'd rather die trying, than be littered with greed. Why is happiness so difficult, it's so simple.
SUI 03:12
Sorrow. Wounded. Depraved. Selfish. Weak. Pathetic. Not respected Loathe. Weep. I'm crying out. Ticking time bomb. Mind's imprisoned I'm running but I'm not moving. Less alive than I've ever been. veins rushing blood, heartbeat rising. palms are clammy, locked inside, losing breath, losing hope. I haven't heard from you in so long. I try to keep calm. I try to be strong. Maybe I care too much, but it's not just. I was awakened. Sweat drips down the lips. Mother crying hysterically. She leaned over and said. fathers dead. I needed your help. This isn't a plea, I need no pity. I'm just searching for peace.
Entomb Me 01:54
Sacrifice Just give me a sign Give me some reason Starvation begins, let it sink in. What do you expect of me. What other option is given? Fine line between living and surviving. I'm past the threshold. Morality hangs over my head Moral value is dead Waging wars in my head I've never felt so dead please understand, leave me be, this concerns none of you. Gun in hand, trembling feet. I beg of you. Blood on my hands. I never meant for this. It never should have come to this. I'm now an empty man with a gun to his head pleading for forgiveness.
Worndead 02:53
Desperate times call for desperate measures. Fend for myself. Feed me to the wolves. I guess I'm on my own. Survival of the weak. My future looks so bleak. How the fuck am I supposed to make it. Hanging dry, no lessons taught. I know nothing. I'll admit it. I'm still learning. I'm suffering. Wandering in circles, I'm on a dead end path. Sticks and stones all around me. Please don't forget me. Tormenting days. Restless nights. Feeding lies. Worndead You left me to fend for myself. Guess I wasn't worth that someone else. It was supposed to be me and you, and now we're just pissed off You've chosen what's more important to you. All this baggage is weighing me down. This pain is unbearable. From this point on I'm I keeping to myself. You've shown me exactly who not to end up like. Sometimes love is tough, sometimes it's never enough.
Stones 01:31
Forgive Me 03:47
Forgive Me. Forgive me, I'm caught up in my head. I'm breaking down, this is my plea to you. Forgive Me, I'm losing my fucking mind. I'm breaking down, someone hear my cry. I begin to ponder, I'm losing focus. Can't you see? Lend me a hand. Living in a well, only one way out. Living on the edge, day in day out. I'm trying to find my balance, help me cope. These fruits are tasteless. I need forgiveness. Breath becomes heavy Sweating profusely, make friends with the concrete. You're not hearing me. Listen and think. Release me from this hex. Relieve me from this anguish I plead of you, forgive me I beg of you, forgive me


released February 10, 2017

Recorded/Mixed by: Ryan Harvey
Mastered by: Jacob Pouttu
Album Art by: Grayson Altom


all rights reserved



I AM Dallas, Texas

5 Piece group from Dallas, TX

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